Whether it be the purchase of a new or vintage pinball, or repair of your estate sale find.
Or the pinball machine that is gathering dust in the basement.  Or the game you bought
on E-bay or Craigslist that was never quite right.  We can make it feel like new.
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Chicago Pinball  is your best bet to purchase video games like Asteroids , Ms Pacman,
Donkey Kong, Centipede , and all those "classic" 80s games.   How about the Driving
Games San Francisco Rush or Cruising World?
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We have Ball Bowlers (with real balls) or Puck Bowlers
Juke Boxes, Dart Games, and Slot Machines .
We have them all and can service them too.
Those "classic" coin-ops you used to find in most bars
next to the  Pinball Machine.
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Chicago Pinball has been selling and servicing the coin-op industry since 1971.
Whether you buy your game from the guy out of his garage.  E-bay or Craigslist.
Chicago Pinball will fix your game.
Also have file cabinets full of just about every schematic since the early 60's.
They help us in our work and you are welcome to copies if you work on your own games.
Let us know what your needs are......we'll be happy to take care of you!

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